First Real Homecoming since 2019


Rian Kirby

This Friday, Oct. 8th, will be the kick off for Ovid-Elsie Homecoming festivities. In order to learn more, we interviewed Rachel Spitzley, a Student Council member who holds the position of historian this year. The group has been planning this event for quite some time, and hope that it will be as exciting for the student body as it is for the council.

According to Spitzley, the kickoff event is vital to the success of homecoming week as a whole. It is meant to prepare the student body and get them excited for the upcoming events that the week ahead will hold, through an assembly, video, court, and court announcements. “There are also a lot of aspects that go into the kickoff, including the video and the fashion show. The kickoff also is the first start to homecoming which makes me really excited,” Spitzley said. Although there is a lot of work going into the event, the council is still having fun with it, especially through the creation of the annual announcement video. 

All this planning will hopefully pay off. When asked if she thinks it is worth it, Spitzley said, “Student Council has been putting in a lot of effort to make this homecoming one to remember. We want this homecoming to be grand and beautiful because we want to give the students something nice after going through a pandemic and not being able to have one last year.” Due to Covid, this will be the first real homecoming since 2019, meaning none of the underclassmen have experienced the hype and excitement of the activities yet. The council hopes to bring back normalcy for this school year through having a full swing Homecoming Week, and it all starts Friday.