Homecoming in Full Swing


Rian Kirby

With Homecoming festivities in full swing this week, we interviewed Hannah Moore in order to get more insight. She is not only a student council member, but she was also selected by her peers to be Junior Representative, both of which are positions of importance during homecoming week. 

The Student Council put on a fashion show at Friday’s assembly in order to showcase the spirit days that would take place in the coming week. Moore said that she thought the assembly as a whole went well, but that this aspect could have been executed better. She does think that it was a success though, as the goal of high participation from the student body has been met. People from all grades have been taking part in the dress up days more than expected, which is a huge success for the group. 

Being her class’ representative and also president, while also participating in Student Council, Hannah has certainly kept busy this week. When asked how she foresees the rest of the week going, Moore said, “It is going to be very busy but I am super excited to be involved in everything!” Clearly, a lot of work goes into the homecoming events, and it is a busy week for all who are involved.