The Wrong Missy, Laugh-Filled Rom-Com


Gracelynne McClung

The Wrong Missy started streaming in May of 2020, is put on by Happy Madison Productions, and is perfect for a good laugh. The film is not rated, but parents suggest ages 15+ to watch. I recommend this movie to anyone who’s looking for a fun, laugh-filled night that has some romance thrown in too. The Wrong Missy stars Lauren Lapkus, David Spade, Molly Sims, and more actors often involved in Happy Madison films like Jackie Sandler and Rob Schneider. Tim Morris (Spade) is a heartbroken businessman looking for love through blind dates and set-ups. After a few months he has no luck and meets the perfect girl at an airport (Sims), exchanging numbers before taking off for their separate flights. Tim later messages his newfound love, Melissa, inviting her on a work trip to Hawaii, but actually ends up messaging a different Melissa (Lapkus) that he went on a failed date with a few months before and doesn’t realize until they’re boarding the plane together. Now Tim must deal with his mistake and figure out how to fix it. Rotten Tomatoes rates this movie at 33%, but I completely disagree. While the film is slightly predictable, it lives up to the name of comedy and has a sweet plot to it. I rate this movie at 90% and recommend it to anyone looking for a sweet rom-com.