Most Students Excited About Thanksgiving


Gracelynne McClung

In a survey of about 75 people, most said they were celebrating Thanksgiving this year and are

excited for it. The survey was conducted through Google Forms and distributed to all staff and

students of Ovid-Elsie High School. Most responders said that they would not be traveling for

the holiday and are spending Thanksgiving with their immediate family.

When asked their favorite Thanksgiving food, most said mashed potatoes with turkey being a second.

Many also stated that everything about Thanksgiving food was their favorite. When

asked about dessert, pumpkin pie was the overall favorite.

Family activities were one the most important and popular things of Thanksgiving. Most people

said they watch or play football, while some others play cards or board games or watch the

Thanksgiving Day parade. Another popular family activity was watching movies and getting

ready for Christmas decorating.

Overall, most people are excited for Thanksgiving, to spend time with their family, and to eat

lots of good food.