Locke and Key Full of Twists and Turns

Locke and Key Full of Twists and Turns

Jessica Goodrich and Jessica Goodrich

Netflix’s Locke and Key season one has finally come to an end. The season was a mix of twists, turns, and some jump scares. With new keys being discovered throughout the season, we see new characters and new magic. 

After Kinsey and Tyler find out that Bode is finding new keys more often they decide to keep them safe by splitting them up. They find out that the Lady that was in the well asking their younger brother Bode to find her the anywhere key is after the family and their other keys. Tyler and Kinsey soon start hearing the whispering of the keys too and soon they have an abundance of keys that do different things.

The crew learn more about their father’s past when they start to connect the dots on what happened to his old friends who besides two are now deceased. Ellie, one of those friends, still lives in Matheson and tells the kids eventually what they want to know. She tells them about how their dad and the rest of the friends used the keys for fun in high school too, but soon they became dangerous.

When Kinsey was in the caves with her friend Gabe, down by the ocean behind her house, she discovers a door that is glowing blue on the opposite side. It whispers to her like the keys, and she knows immediately that it is magic. Her friend Gabe, confused, asks what the door is and she explains everything about the magic keys to him. She explains that she thinks that the key to the door is hidden somewhere inside of the house.

When talking to Ellie again and explaining about the door she discovered in the caves, Ellie seems to tense up and become almost frightened, she is strict that Kinsey must not go in the caves because it is dangerous. She said that she and her friends found the key and opened the door once. Ellie explained that the kids’ father, Rendell, Lucas, Ellie, and Voss opened the door in the caves and that it was a blue void that started shooting out these bullets of void matter and one had hit Lucas. He said that he was fine and he seemed fine but later that night he was aggressive and almost possessed. He started to hurt his friends and they had to fight back, Lucas and two of his friends ended up dead. The friends framed it as a drowning in the caves and said that their bodies washed out to sea. 

There was another key she mentioned, the echo key, the key that can bring someone back to life in the well house. She said that a year ago she used the echo key to bring Lucas back, because she was still in love with him. The only thing is that he came back still evil and he forced her to help get the keys and magic from the key house. He wanted the crown of shadows so that he could gain power. We learned that he was Dodge, the well lady, and was using an identity key to be two people at once.

End of the season they find that Dodge aka Lucas had invaded the key house and defeated her and sent her back through the blue door portal so that she couldn’t come back. They opened the door with some friends that helped them to find their key, the bullets started shooting out and hit Eden, a girl from school in the arm. The season ends with a scene of Dodge turning Ellie to look like her and she escapes, meaning the group actually threw Ellie into the void. 

The series was a rollercoaster of ups and downs and plot twists. The questions of the next season remain unanswered, and it definitely leaves like a cliffhanger like what is gonna happen to Eden? Are they going to figure out that they actually threw Ellie into the void? Is Dodge anymore characters? How are they going to fix the problem? This series is addicting and made me wanna binge watch it in one day.  The director of the film was Ra’uf Glasgow and Kevin Lafferty. The actors are Tyler Locke (Connor Jessup), Kinsey Locke (Emilia Jones), Bode Locke (Jackson Robert Scott), and Nina Locke (Darby Stanchfeild). The show is rated 72% on Rotten Tomatoes. I would give the season a 7 out of 10.