Biggsby Holiday Drinks Ready to Try


Amber Ingraham

Biggby Coffee has their annual holiday drinks available for purchase as of Nov 1. Here’s a review for the peppermint stick mocha drink, and the new cookie butter and snow ball drinks.

For each of these drinks, I ordered them as coldbrews with sweet foam. The peppermint stick mocha, with peppermint and mocha (chocolate) flavoring, is a drink that would remind anyone of the holiday season. The two flavors compliment each other nicely. On top of the sweet foam, there is a swirl of chocolate syrup and some peppermint candies. The mocha flavoring was a bit overpowering in comparison to the mint, but this is still my personal holiday favorite. I would highly recommend this drink to anyone who wants a Christmassy boost throughout their day. I rate this drink a 9/10.

The next drink I tried was the snow ball coldbrew with sweet foam, which is made with mocha, coconut, and almond flavoring. I was very excited to hear about this new drink, as these are flavors I almost always enjoy, and when I tried the drink, I was not disappointed. Again, the mocha flavoring was a bit overpowering for my taste. The coconut and almond flavors blended with each other really well. I would recommend this drink to anyone who is looking for a little sweetness, but not too much. I rate this new drink a 7.5/10.

Lastly, I tried the new cookie butter drink. I was hesitant to try this beverage, as the only description for it was “cookie butter flavor”, and I didn’t quite know what that meant. After trying it, the only way that I can think of to describe it, is “Christmas in a drink.” The flavor is similar to that of a gingerbread cookie. If you’re someone who loves all things Christmas, and all things sweet, this drink is definitely for you. Personally, I would rate this at a 7/10.

There are many other holiday drinks and flavors available, so if these ones are not for you, there’s certainly something else you could try instead.