Covid Vaccinations Increasing World Wide


Gracelynne McClung

Almost two years into the Coronavirus, vaccinations are finally on the rise for all countries. With

partnerships across the world to help with distributing vaccines to lower-income countries, the

progress has still been uneven, but improving.

Many higher-income countries have high success rates on the COVID-19 vaccine. For example,

the United States has 73.35% of the population at least partially vaccinated, 83.39% of Canada,

87.24% of China, and 77.67% of Brazil. Smaller countries have also proven to have more of the

population vaccinated, like Portugal with 90.28%, France with 78.25%, Italy with 80.2%, and

Spain with 84.76% of the population at least partially vaccinated.

However, even with partnerships and ways to equally distribute the vaccine, many impoverished

countries aren’t getting the help they want or need. Many of the inland countries of Africa are

rounding 5% of the partially vaccinated population, while some are less than 1%. For example,

Mali has 4.21% of the population at least partially vaccinated, Nigeria with 4.66%, and Zambia

with 4.26%. Other inland countries of Africa have extremely low numbers, like Democratic

Republic of Congo with 0.24%, Chad with 1.69%, and South Sudan with 2%.

Overall, the distribution of the vaccine for the Coronavirus is being accepted more and more

everyday, but many countries are still struggling with getting the vaccine administered and

effective for their population.