Seniors Looking to the Next Step After High School


Amber Ingraham

Seven OEHS seniors were asked about their future plans this week. This is what they said.

Ashton Bruff, Brandon Grieder, and Rudy Ramirez all plan on going to college, while Wyatt Wilcox and Heath Puckett are still undecided. Gracelynne McClung and Alexis Hart-Butcher are planning on attending different trade schools to focus on their careers.

Bruff applied to Michigan State University, and is waiting to hear back from them. He is interested in this university because he is able to get a free education up to a bachelor’s degree, and because he likes the culture of the school. Bruff plans to go into either sports medicine or social work. When asked what he is most looking forward to after high school, he promptly responded with, “The babes.”

Grieder applied to CMU, SVSU, and GVSU, and has been accepted to all three. He is interested in these schools because they all offer a program for his intended major, accounting, and because they are all relatively close to home. He is most excited about being able to be independent from his family after leaving OEHS. Grieder has not committed to any colleges yet. 

Wilcox doesn’t yet know if he will be going to college, trade school, or straight into work after high school. However, if he does end up at a college, he will be studying history. He has applied to many colleges, like Hope College, Hillsdale College, University of Michigan Ann Arbor, and more. He has been accepted to all of these schools besides U of M, as he is still waiting to hear back from them.  He’s interested in these colleges because of their academic programs, and when he visited Hope, it felt like the right fit for him. 

Puckett said that he will most likely begin working right out of high school, but is not entirely sure. He has not applied to any colleges, and is still undecided about which field he wants to go into. After high school, he is most excited to do whatever he wants. 

McClung has her sights set on the Bayshire Beauty Academy of Bay City. She has not been able to apply yet, as the application process has not started yet. She is interested in this school mostly because it is very cost-friendly. McClung is most looking forward to making money as a cosmetologist after high school.

Hart-Butcher has applied, been accepted to, and committed to Ohio Tech. She plans on going into the automotive field, and chose this school because she feels it has the best program for her. After high school, she is most looking forward to moving away from home.