Student Council Learns About More Student Participation

Rian Kirby

On Wednesday, Jan 12th, Ovid-Elsie’s district student councils were given the opportunity to attend a Regional Connect Conference put on by MAHS MASC (Michigan Association of Honor Society and Student Council). The event was held in Frankenmuth at the Bavarian Inn Conference Center from 9:00 a.m.-1:30 p.m. 

With a total of 10 students, five middle school and five high school, student council members attended this event, chaperoned by Mrs. Jilliane Buschard and Mrs. Trina Pontack, who are both middle school student council advisors. 

This conference gave students the chance to learn about what other student council’s around the school do to better their district. Ideas and events were shared through three- student presentations, which all led to discussion on how similar things could be implemented in our school. All attendees were also able to hear presentations from the Michigan Student Board of Delegates and vote on who they thought should advance to state level competition.

Events like this are created in order to connect student leaders in Michigan in order to better how student groups run as a whole. The diversity at regional events is much larger than the diversity at just one school, so it is a great opportunity to learn about how ideas change from place to place. 

The main takeaway from this year’s regional event was the idea of including all of the student body in as many events as possible. Our student council hopes to implement this in order to get as much student participation in all of our events as possible.