Justin Bateman Takes Serious Role in Ozark

Justin Bateman Takes Serious Role in Ozark

Ashton Bruff and Ashton Bruff

Ozark is a Netflix Original series in which the first season was released in 2017, with two other seasons released by 2019-2020. Each season contains 10 episodes each running about 55-65 minutes long. About a family of four who are being forced to move down to the Ozarks, due to the father being forced to launder $500 million in five years to Mexico’s biggest drug kingpin Omar Navarro. 

The series stars well-known Comedy actor Jason Bateman (Game Night, Horrible Bosses, and Identity Thief) Laura Linney, Julia Garner, Sofia Hublitz, Skylar Gaertner, Felix Solis, and Lisa Emery. 

The setting of the Series is mainly shot in the Ozarks of Missouri, and occasionally in Chicago. 

While father and mother Marty and Wendy Byrde (Jason Bateman Laura Linney) “invest” into small time businesses and launder money through these businesses they are on high alert dealing with crooks, the KC Mob, the Navarro Cartel and the pursuit of the FBI, they are tested in many ways in doing what they have to do to ultimately protect their family. They are encumbered in murder, betrayal, lying, and family turmoil and have to continue acting professional-like in order to expand their cashflow and “business” they’re running. Or potentially putting themselves at vulnerable risk of being killed by the Navarro Cartel which is the largest operating Mexican Drug Cartel in Mexico. 

Ozark is rated 8.5/10 by IMDb and given a 86% rating by Rotten Tomatoes. I personally agree with the ratings and some. Who knew Jason Bateman could play such a vile and serious role? Not me, until he proved me so very wrong as I first started watching the show. Marty Byrde is all about business and protecting his family and he is very good at what he does. The show is dark, violent, and keeps you on the edge of your seat through each and every episode, which only makes you want to binge watch another hour long episode. I personally feel as if this is the best Netflix Original series ever put out by them. I personally recommend this show to anyone who likes drama/thrillers. I rate it a 9.8/10. Near perfect in every aspect, just wish there was more positive included but of course the drama is what keeps you locked in.