MSU Student Government Sends Mental Health Message

MSU Student Government Sends Mental Health Message

Michigan State University’s student government had come together to commission an artist to make murals around the city of Lansing. They knew that they wanted the pieces to have meaning so they decided on the mental health epidemic that has grew in the last coming years. 

This has been in the process of being put up for a couple of years now and had hired a local artist, Milo Thoreau, to paint these murals. 

There were seven murals put up around the city, six of them being related to people who have suffered from mental health struggles and the seventh mural being one on how to get help when help is needed and a bunch of resources. 

“It’s just supposed to send the message of releasing the stigma and bringing awareness to mental health concerns…”, said Matt Apostle, the community and economic specialist for the city of East Lansing. 

The city of East Lansing has said that they wanted to keep their murals up for as long as possible, to help people who are still struggling and provide those informational resources.