Fractured Is Psychological Thriller

Fractured  Is Psychological Thriller

Mackenzie Lee

Fractured was released in September of 2019 by Netflix and was directed by Brad Anderson. This movie is about a family, a mom, Joanna (played by Lily Rabe), a dad, Ray (played by Sam Worthington) and their six year old daughter, Peri (played by Luci Capri), who is traveling to be with their family for Thanksgiving. During the drive, their six-year-old was in the back seat getting antsy so they decided to stop at a gas station to stretch and fill up the car. As the family gathers back in the car, the daughter realizes she lost her play phone, so everyone gets out and Joanne goes back in the station to see if it’s there while Ray looks under the seats. Peri freezes because a dog was standing his ground, looking like he was going to attack her. Ray tried scaring it off by throwing a rock at it but ended up scaring his daughter and she fell off a ledge in this pit, he dove after her and ended up falling too. Fortunately, Peri and Ray are ok, but just to be cautious they rush to the hospital. When they arrive, Ray immediately feels off about this hospital. After Peri and Joanna go missing, he believes the hospital took them downstairs to steal their organs. In reality, Peri and Joanne never made it to the hospital, after Ray fell he lost it and his wife and daughter were never seen again. I personally highly recommend this movie, 9/10. Rotten tomatoes rates it a 60%.