Reflecting On Your Tan


Staff and Staff

With the fall season here and winter creeping around the corner, I knew at any time I would become as white as a ghost. Taking every option into consideration, including self tanner, spray-on tanning, and the classic tanning bed/hex, I decided on the tanning beds. A few minutes after I posted on Facebook asking for ideal tanning areas around the area, I was informed of Reflections in Owosso. Soon after, two more people suggested the same tanning salon. At this moment, my mind was made.

Last Wednesday I signed up for a month of tanning at Reflections. I was very pleased with the prices because they were running a special where I could pay ten dollars up front, then one dollar every time I decide to tan after that. My friend explained to me that the place she tans at in Laingsburg charges her twenty dollars for two weeks of unlimited tanning. So, with my schedule limiting my tanning, I was very satisfied with my choice of tanning at Reflections.

Beyond the great prices, the salon was very clean and had good service. When I arrived, a lady greeted me with a smile on her face and showed me to a room where I’d be tanning. This was also clean and she explained to me how everything works, as well as the clean up procedure when I’m done.

Lastly, Reflections offers the hex as well as the tanning bed. I have yet to try the hex, but considering my great experience there, I will be returning there today and just might give it a go! I highly suggest Reflections to anyone who is in need of a good tan during the upcoming season.