RETRO REVIEW: A Nightmare On Elm Street Remake is Its Own Nightmare


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Artwork courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures.
Artwork courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures.

A Nightmare on Elm Street is a movie about a child killer who was released from prison and returns to his hometown where he had committed his horrible crimes. The parents decided to take justice into his own their own hands. The parents cornered Freddy in an abandoned building and set fire to it. Thinking that the parents had taken care of the nightmare, they are soon to see that they have unleashed a whole knew nightmare on the town.

The movie itself is just horrible to me personally. The way the casting is was just not that good to me and they should have kept it to the original Nightmare series. The fact that this Freddy is serious and isn’t anything like the older Freddy who was humorous and dark at the same time really made the older series more of a classic and much more fun to watch. The newer movie is not worth my time to tell you the truth.