Doors are Upgraded for Additional Security


Staff and Staff

One of the new locks on an outside door. | Photo by Haley Goins

New key card locks were installed over the summer for many doors throughout the district to make the schools more safe, secure, and easier to manage.

It will help from a security standpoint so people who enter the building can be tracked. Some students may not have noticed, but the new locks have been here all school year.

“In a key system somebody unlocks a door and walks in, and then you have to review the camera’s,” principal Jason Tokar said. “On a FOB system you actually know who’s using that door. You kind of get that added understanding of who’s using the doors, when they’re using it, and why, and things like that.”

With the new system, administrators will be able to check who is coming in which door and when. When using a key, you may not be able to find out that information.

Some may wonder where the district got the money for this new system.

“Part of our bond extension that we passed in 2015 was to increase the security of the school,” Tokar said.

Middle school counselor Michele Martin said that if it improves feelings toward school safety, then it’s worth it.

Safety is not only a concern during school but also during sports. Athletic director Sonya Latz said each coach has a card for them and access to the school for the time they coach.

“I assume they would all have one, not make it harder for them,” lunch staff member Barb Toth said about the new locks and who would have them.

Besides teachers and coaches, all staff members have key cards.

“I think it’s a good idea to have the code keys to get in,” band director Jeanine Ignash said. “It is a valuable thing for us and it does make it easier for most of the staff.”

In addition to this, social studies teacher Brandon Belill said that if the new system is used appropriately this will be a good upgrade for the district.