32 Years of Silver Bells


Staff and Staff

The Silver Bells celebration is a big event for many people in the Ovid-Elsie community who, after hearing about the event on social media, flock to Downtown Lansing to be a part of the many events that have gone on for many years. This year’s celebration was held on Friday, November 20, 2016, from 5-9pm.

It is very common for people from Ovid and Elsie to make the drive to Lansing for more than one year. Senior Kylie Helms and her family go to Silver Bells as a family tradition.

“I’ve gone for three years,” Helms said.

Unfortunately for families like senior Hannah Sovis’, life gets in the way.

“I’ve only gone for two years… because my mom [works],” Sovis said.

A few key events happen during the Silver Bells celebration, including the lights parade, the lighting of the tree, and some fireworks. Senior Katelyn Kalocy was one of many to go this year.

“I like the lights parade the best because high school bands play in the parade…and the service trucks are completely decorated in lights,” Kalocy said.

This year’s event, however, was less exciting due to weather conditions.

“It wasn’t as fun this year because it rained,” Helms said.

Some people thought that the lighting of the tree was the biggest disappointment.

“They had to postpone [the lighting of the tree], because of the rain,” Kalocy said.

The event that most people seem to enjoy the most and come back for is the lights parade. However, there are some who prefer the fireworks.

“I like the fireworks the best because they’re pretty,” Sovis said.

Silver Bells has gone on for 32 years, but the parade has only gone on for 20 years. While there have been many changes throughout the years, this generation has only lived to see the modern event, which has had minor changes that go unnoticed.

“No, I havn’t noticed any changes.” Sovis said.

The original Silver Bells had carolers, and 2,500 candles were lit around downtown. There was also no light parade until about twelve years after the first Silver Bells celebration.