No More Tying Your Shoes Just Self Lacing


Staff and Staff

The new self lacing hyper adapt sneaker from Nike uses deep research in digital, electrical, and mechanical engineering into a product that is meant for movement. When you step on the heel the sensor tightens you laces. There are two buttons on the side to tighten and loosen the laces as needed. What do students here at Ovid Elsie think about these shoe.

“I think that self lacing shoes are dumb, overpriced and I would not buy them”, says junior Aubrey Hurst.

Aubrey Hurst thinks the Nike hyper adapt self lacing shoes are dumb due to the fact that this shoe could cut off the circulation to your foot because of the self lacing of the shoe itself.

The only beneficial thing about these shoes is you don’t have to tie your shoes yourself the shoes does that for you.

‘What happens if there is a defect with the shoe and it keeps lacing what then”, says Aubrey Hurst.

On the flip side Aubrey Hurst thinks that these shoes are a bad idea.

“ In the future nobody will even know how to tie their shoes because they will all want this shoes, says Aubrey Hurst.

Overall she does think these shoes are cool but they are also dumb. Her opinion also voices that this is not the next step into technology like the video I showed her stated.