Language Arts Team


Staff and Staff

The high schools language arts team has been enjoying there time as a team so far this year.
There was x members involved, all ranging from freshman to seniors. The team was lead by freshman English teacher Dana Blank.
Freshman Vidalia Wenzlick, said she enjoyed it very much. When asked about the competitions, she said, “They were really fun, I had a lot of good times, everyone on the team got along really well, and we made some great memories.” She said she will definitely do it again next year as long as she has the option to.
Another team member was freshman Maddie gavenda. Maddie also greatly enjoyed her time on the team. When asked about the competitions she said, “Ummm, they’re fun, you just go there, get your writing prompt and a small team of around four or five people and write about your prompt for about one to two hours. At the first competition, there weren’t as many people, but at our second there was. I think that a lot more freshman decided to come because they realized we’d be getting fast food.” As of now she plans to join the team again next year.