National Art Honors Society


Staff and Staff

National Art Honors Society is drawing their way into the story. National Art Honor Society was given the chance once again this year to create their own pieces of these children, most who have never seen a picture of themselves. Some of our very own National Art Honor Society members have signed up to participate in the wonderful event of coming up with their own artistic ways to give these orphans something that they could enjoy for the rest of their lives.

Students are always welcomed at the beginning of the year, to join National Art Honors Society. The team comes together every other week on Tuesday, to meet and discuss what new things the team needs to do. When on the National Art Honors Society team you will receive many hours for community service.

“The Orphan Portraits are individual paintings, people in National Art Honors Society do of orphans in Africa or other countries,” Vidalia Wenzlick said. “They are for orphans that may not have seen themselves in pictures before and these paintings are for them to keep, to show them that other people care.”

Many kids across the globe have never seen a picture of themselves before. These National Art Honors Society members are accomplishing the portraits and helping these kids realize that they have someone out there who cares enough for them that they painted a picture of them. These portraits can change lives.

“I chose to wait another year to participate in the orphan portraits because I am not confident enough in my skills in drawing people,” Wenzlick said. “I haven’t taken art yet, but I am planning on taking it next semester.”

Many members in the National Art Honors Society have chose to paint the orphans whom have never seen a picture of themselves. This community service project is a great way to give to someone who really deserves it.