JV Girls Defend ’Til the End


Staff and Staff

A goal for the season was to win all of their games. The JV girls have not necessarily been sticking to their goal, although they have been taking many other lessons from the sport.

“It’s hard, we try our best. When we lose we try not to be too hard on ourselves but we all cope with it together,” sophomore Jazmine Wicke said.

It has been brought up that many players have not been able to play: two got moved up to varsity, one has a concussion, some are with the influenza, and some having back problems. Since they have lost most of their team, they are doing really well keeping up their positiveness and energy trying to win. You do not get an equal amount of playing time because that’s middle school and in high school you want to win.

“We don’t get equal playing time, but if we don’t play one game then we will the next. If we practice and work really hard we will usually get put in,” freshman Jaiden Rambo said.

JV is all about learning and improving so you have a chance at winning most if not all games the more you work.

“Basketball teaches us how to be a team, how to work together and keep our cool, we cannot go out and yell at the ref about a call, we just work harder. The girls are sisters and I cannot wait to keep playing,” Wicke said.