Our Blood, Our Sweat, Your Tears


Staff and Staff

The emotions were high as the Marauders fell 66-6 to the St. Louis Sharks on January 25. They were fighting for conference champions.

“It was hard, we couldn’t do which hurt a lot especially for the upperclassmen. St. Louis have really strong wrestlers and a really good team. We just were not in it today,” junior Zachary Morris said. Although they have fallen, they have come back and regrouped for their next meets

“We are close, we are brothers, we fight a lot, we are family,” sophomore DJ Hammond said.

Even though they did not win the conference, it made the team come closer and practice harder to try and get a team district win. One of the team victories was their first tournament at Concord, which they came in first. There are a lot more kids this year, mainly freshmen, which are the lower weight which means they get points for all groups if they get the win.

The team looks forward to how they are ending their season.

“We are going to be practicing our hardest. Some kids do not always make weight which is not good because then they cannot wrestle, but for the most part just give it our all, the senior won’t get the chance to wrestle in High School again, so we are all together doing it not just for ourselves but for the seniors as well,” Morris said.

“A thing that coach said that had always stuck with me is, iron sharpens iron, which is when two kids wrestle each other and they’re equally good, they only keep getting better. If you do not practice, you will not get better, you have to care to get better and keep practicing to improve technique.” Morris said.