Wrestling in Isaac Zimmerman’s Perspective


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Isaac Zimmerman is wrestling this year and plans on continuing, constantly improving, and helping his teammates as well.

“This is my second year wrestling. I started in eighth grade, but it was an offseason.” Zimmerman said. Then he went into why he wrestles. He said that the wrestling season went from November to about the middle of February. After he said this he told about why he wrestles.  

“I wrestle because it’s just a passion I had. My friend David Hammond, he wrestled in eighth grade. He always told me how it’s so fun and I was like, well I might as well try it and then I really liked it.” Zimmerman said. There are other things about wrestling he likes though too.

“I like the tournaments. On Saturday you go all day and you just go home. You’re tired, you go Sunday, you go Monday, get back to practice. You just get right back in, and for Wednesday meets the bus ride home is so fun all guys in the back of the bus you know, just talking.” These are some of the things he likes about wrestling and helps you understand why he likes it. This is not the only thing about wrestling though they have to do a lot in preparation in for their matches.

“We do a lot of pull-ups, sit-ups, running and push ups. We just focus on technique, and make sure that we make weight.” Zimmerman Was saying on how he and the rest of the team got ready. He then went into detail of what his team was like.

“You could say it’s like a family like we sometimes get along, and we fight but sometimes we pick each other up. Sometimes we put each other down, but then we pick ‘em back up again.” His teammates help support him with his matches, he doesn’t need as much support though because he has a record of 26 wins and only 11 losses. He said his family also supports him greatly. They don’t really like that he has to make weight, but they love coming to watch his matches the best and worst.

“I got a match on Saturday, and I lost 8 to 7 it was really long through all three periods. It was really tough but ended with a loss.” This is what he described his toughest match as. Then he told about his most satisfying win.

“Well, last year I wasn’t very good and I went to the JV tournament and I hadn’t won all year long. Then my first match of the day I won 5 to 4. I got up and was so excited.” His goal is wrestling for college, a good scholarship and continuing to getting better is what I’m working for.

My last question was, “Do tough guys wrestle?” His answer was a “yes.”