Ovid-Elsie, Technology Terminated


Keep phones off, or quit during the show. Also no flash photography.


There has been quite a bit of drama caused this year due to the phone ban. Though students are highly upset by the new rule principal Jason Tokar believes that the ban on cell phones helps students focus more on their studies and less on their social media.

Math teacher Karl Dahlke highly approves of the rule and believes that there is no reason to have phones in class.

“I have taken several phones from students and have even taken phones away from my own children in class,” Dahlke said.

Before the ban, most teachers had their own personal rule for phones. Some would let you have your phone on you, but only use when instructed to. Others did not allow phones to be in the classroom at all.

Many students believe that the cell phones ban is too strict, and that cell phones were not as bad of a problem until something was said about them.

Many students want to have their cell phones on them at all times in case of an emergency, such as an update in the sports schedule, a family emergency and in some cases a real lock down.