Little Time for Myself, A Lot of Time with Others



Most people are not always available as students, especially if they are involved in different clubs. Maintaining their grades and still achieving in the activity can often be rough for some students.

“I play futsal (indoor soccer), the school soccer team, and I am the lead programmer for the robotics team,” junior Joe McGroarty said. “It takes up a lot of my time. I also just recently started an internship through Stang Decision Systems out of Marquette as an entry level programmer, which helps develop their website.”

McGroarty is one of the few with an internship in the 11th grade for a big company, but like many others he has zero to no free time for anything.

“I’m the vice president of FFA this year, but I am really involved with my church. I help out on Sundays with the kindergarten class,” senior Kayla Duckert said. “We previously went to Sierra Leone on a mission trip and we put on a retreat for all the missionaries in the country. We got to see some organizations work together which was really enjoyable.”

Duckert missed a lot of school when she went on her mission trip, especially since she is taking college classes, so juggling all of it takes a lot of time and work. Whereas some students just play sports or go to school, rather than doing all of the extra activities.

“I am not one for clubs except my indoor soccer club and futsal. I also do lacrosse,” sophomore Chase Cabral said. “It may not sound like I’m super busy but I rarely have time for myself.”

Being involved in different activities is really time consuming but very rewarding, according to the students.

“I am looking forward to seeing where this internship takes me,” McGroarty said. “I believe it will get me far, even though I am super busy, I wouldn’t change it for anything.”