Cross Country



The cross country team had a successful season this year. Many runners cut down their times, had fun training with friends, and worked together to become better as a team.

Some runners joined cross country because of their siblings’ influence and persuasion.

“I decided to join the team because my brother was involved and told me that it was a very enjoyable sport to participate in and helps relieve stress,” freshman Luke Spitzley said.

Other members felt that doing this sport would help them prepare for another sport that they do at a different time in the school year.

“I originally joined cross country to get into shape for my winter sport,” sophomore Ben Maynard said. “After my first season ended, I realized that I liked cross better than the other sports.”

Many other runners began track for similar reasons.

“Well at first it was just a way to get in shape for track,” junior Amber Surnick said. “I hated this sport at first but once I got better at it I started to enjoy a little more each year I did it.”

Whatever the runners’ motivation was to join this sport, each runner was able to gain some sort of improvement over the course of the season.

“I think that the team has improved tremendously since the beginning of the season,” Maynard said. “Kids were dropping times almost every race, and as a team, we grew closer together.”

After seeing themselves improve and grow closer together, many members have started to think about joining the team next season as well. Not only to get even better and stay in shape for other sports, but also to grow even closer to their new friends and to reach new goals together.

“I have one more season left and a goal for me is to get better than my time last year,” Surnick said. “I wish the same for the rest of my team because I believe they can do it and I hope they get closer and respect each other.”