A Reflection of the Varsity Soccer Season



The varsity soccer team has done exceptionally well this season. The dedication shown and the focus given from this year’s players seems to have done the team well.

“The one thing that is always on my mind is not getting scored on,” freshman Jackson Thornton said.

Many members of the team have shown that when they are on the field, they are simply thinking about the game.

“I just focus on what I’m supposed to do and where I’m supposed to be,” junior Sean Witt said.

Each player has a reason for why they chose to play this sport. Some may have similar reasons, but there are a few that make some people laugh.

“I decided to play soccer because my parents didn’t let me play football,” Thornton said.

Some team members may be in the same position as Thornton, but most of them play this sport for different reasons.

“I like my friends, my coach, and how fast pace the game is,” Witt said.

Most of the players agree with Witt. They enjoy being part of a team and working together to win the game.

“I just like it,” freshman Camren Cuthbert said. “It’s a very fun sport and I love playing with my teammates.”