Just Dive in



While there are many sports to play, swimming has stayed one of the most popular and possibly hardest sports in the high school. The veteran swimmers have been viewed as the most dedicated, but the newcomers have shown to be quite focused on improvement.

Many swimmers say that once swimming begins, it becomes your life. It becomes difficult to focus on anything other than swimming. Some swimmers enjoy the sport because of the strong aroma of chlorine that follows them everywhere.

“When I sweat, it doesn’t smell like anything beside chlorine, so it’s a natural deodorant,” junior Quinn Koutz said.

Other swimmers have learned to enjoy the smell and no longer think anything of it.

“I don’t mind the smell of chlorine anymore because I’ve been dealing with it for four years,” senior Aubrey Hurst said. “It’s just a natural scent now.”

While seasons may vary from year to year and from person to person, the dedicated have found joy in the easy and in the most difficult practices.

“Swimming is a very hard sport, but over time we become less of a team and more of a family,” senior Brianna Love said.