Middle School Spirit Week



The weeks around homecoming bring excitement to most people in the middle school. During this time, there is a week where each day has a different theme. Many students have their own opinion on which day was the best.

“I liked Blue and Gold Day because I got to wear boxers,” eighth grader Kaden Dubois said.

Along with Dubois, students picked their favorite day based on what they enjoy doing outside of school.

“I enjoyed Hat Day because I love to wear hats,” eighth grader Dylan Renfroe said.

Other students enjoyed certain days because they could do something fun with their friends.

“Twin day was my favorite day of Spirit week because you got to match outfits with your friends,” eighth grader Alejandra Holland said.

There were other students who felt that a certain day was more interesting simply because it was the easiest day to participate in.

“My favorite day of Spirit Week was Blue and Gold day because it was the easiest day to dress up for,” eighth grader Jaeley Janzen said.