M-Zone: A Closer Look



By Madison Larson

During boys varsity basketball games, a group of people encourage all high school students to stand in the M-Zone to support the team. Not only is this group fun to participate in, it also encourages the team to play harder and better than they would without this student body cheering squad.

“If I was the one on the court, having a crowd of people cheering would encourage me to give my best effort one hundred percent of the time,” freshman Tristin Ziola said.

For some players, having those extra words and cheers of encourage them more than simply having family cheer for them.

“Knowing that I have people other than family wanting me to be successful would make me push more,” freshman Kameron Arnett said.

Many members of the M-Zone are proud to give this support. They enjoy being able to aid their players in any way they can.

“The M-Zone really helps the players push on for us in my opinion,” senior Angela Newman said. “I feel that we make the game more pepped up for them and when we are behind them cheering them on, it helps their confidence and reminds them that we are here with them.”

Sometimes, the biggest problem that the M-Zone has is getting other students to participate. There are some students who don’t take part because they don’t believe it would be enjoyable. The members of this cheer squad believe that with more participation, the M-Zone could encourage the players even more.

“We need participation,” Newman said. “Our M-Zone would be so much better if people could see that it’s fun to be involved and not ‘dumb’. If we had the whole student body at our events, and going with the themes, and making the most of high school, we could be so much better and people would want to be in it more.”