The Honor of being on Homecoming Court



The school’s Homecoming season brought a lot of excitement to the students. When the homecoming nominees were presented, the students were having a difficult time trying to figure out which two students were going to be crowned king and queen. Given this fact, most students were excited to find out who would win.

The students that were selected to be on homecoming court were very grateful and honored to be chosen. They expressed a lot of gratitude to everyone who voted them onto the homecoming court.

“The best part about being on court was knowing that I made a big enough impression on the school and that I was a nice enough guy to be voted on,” senior Noah Sherwood said.

One of the court members believed that representing the school was one of the greatest parts of this contest.

“I really liked being that representation for Ovid-Elsie, showing that we do come from a corn field, but that we are so much more than that,” senior Dawson Coats said.

Coats was not the only nominee who felt this way. Many of the court members felt that this opportunity to represent the school was a wonderful honor.

“The best part about being on court was getting the opportunity to be selected to represent the school with some amazing people beside me,” senior Jessica Nash said.

When the king and queen were announced, the crowd was incredibly joyful and supportive. The king and queen, Coats and Nash, were very grateful and appreciative of this honor that they were given.

“Being the queen is a huge honor,” Nash said. “I am thankful that people have supported me over the years and that I was able to make so many friends throughout my childhood.”