OE Netters Beat Lakewood 6-2 at Home





          Ovid-Elsie came out with incredible energy Tuesday, Sept. 25, and played a near perfect game against Lakewood,  netting the Marauders a 6-2 victory at home.

          Ovid-Elsie knew that they would have to slow down a great player from Lakewood if they wanted to win and They did just that. Ethan Byrnes and Chase Cabral led the team by controlling the midfield, opening up good scoring chances.

          Grant Thornton was dominant in the defense, clearing the Lakewood ball away. This allowed Chris Zruna to score 26 minutes into the game with an assist by Isaac Zimmerman, getting the Marauders on the board when we needed him. Zruna scored 10 minutes later with an assist from Calen Byrnes. Chase Cabral then scored two minutes later with an assist by Calen Byrnes. Zruna scored again 15 minutes later with an assist by Byrnes. Lakewood was able to score the next two times, but it was OE after that with Zruna and Conner Brown bringing in the last goals of the night. 

          The final score was 6-2.This was a game that was won because of midfield play and defense. Chris Parker said,” we played a heck of a game out there but I’m not surprised of the outcome we received, we are a strong dominant team.  The Marauders are 11-2.