Fortnite Provides Hard Choices for Gamers

Fortnite Provides Hard Choices for Gamers


Fortnite is a Battle Royale, Player vs. Player creation where you fall into a world that you must survive in. You must survive for 20 minutes, as well as survive among other players who that want to defeat you and take all your loot. Besides for just surviving, you want to defeat others as well by out building them or even by trapping them with some sort of spike or falling tactic.

        This game relies on your skill to think ahead of everyone else in the game but also to keep track of what you have to survive if anything goes wrong. The world includes everything from pistols and rocket launchers to even spike traps and freeze traps. That is not even what it is limited to, however, and even more can be done with the options you have. Even with the amazing things in this game it can not escape the bad things and that includes everything from popular opinion, a bug that makes the game unplayable, map being too big, when a weapon system is introduced, or even how they are dealing with events happening in real time in their game.  

The game of Fortnite came out on July 25th, 2017 as an early access game to those who got and played another game on the launcher for two hours (or letting it set for two hours in the loading screen, that was me). Another way was to wait for the true launch of September 26, 2017, that is what most people did. At first the game was really buggy and you could not play with hardware that was not updated or did not come from 2017 like CPUs and GPUs, so if you had something that was slower or your computer just did not have the capacity to play it, you were out of luck and had to wait. I hated that they did not have it optimized and it made some people really mad because they had six years to get it the way they wanted and this action by them to have it unoptimized was not great for the company’s image.

The map is too big and that shows in a game where it is compared to Call of Duty 4 and your being able to get around just by running. In order to get around in Fortnite you need to drive, but it takes so long because you are just looking for a vehicle to sabotage and get in to drive. While with Cod 4 you run and can get somewhere in a matter of minutes no strings attached and this is only made better when a vehicle is in the mix. Travel with vehicles in Cod is better even with the steering controls where you don’t need to worry about driving in the wrong place and backing up because of bad driving, the control of a golf cart in Fortnite is nauseously bad and makes you want to quit before you even get far.

The weapons are great but can do the smallest of work. The weapon system is great and the variate of weapons can’t be any better or worse at all. Now when they get rid of weapons without our knowing, I feel as if they don’t care about what we think and they can do whatever they want, this is bad company ideas and if they want to keep the popularity of Fortnite alive, t listen to the public, and not do what they think is better for us. They try to do what is best and predict what we want, but it usually goes wrong and will hurt the game.

When a game like this is compared to some other Battle Royale game it’s hard to decide between two. Fortnite is less gun oriented and more on being in fluid motion, dodging every bullet and building things, while other ones like Black Ops 4 and H1Z1 are about the use of different supplies, and upgrades. Fortnite provides a hard choice for the gamer because you need to find what you like the most, not get bored over time or could be a challenge to memorize as you get really proficient at it.