UFOs: Are You Out There ET?

UFOs:   Are You Out There ET?


What are the odds that out of all the thousands of planets in the vast universe, that we are the only one with intelligent life? Maybe we aren’t alone. There have been hundreds of UFO as well as alien sightings throughout the world, so who is to say these are fake?

Many people have reported seeing “unidentified flying objects” in the sky, most raising suspicion of aliens. The earliest sighting recorded in mass media in the United States happened in 1947. On June 24th, Kenneth Arnold was flying in a small aircraft. During the time he was flying close to Washington’s Mount Rainier, Arnold had noticed what seemed to be nine Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs), forming what looked to be a “v” like shape. He reported these objects to be flying extremely fast, at an estimated 1,700 MPH. At first, Arnold wasn’t sure what these objects were, all that came to mind was that they could be new military aircraft, (seeing as it was shortly after WWII, and during the first year of the Cold War) but he came to find that there were no military aircraft in the area at that time. After news spread of this sighting, more people began to report seeing the same nine objects, all reported looking like flying blue lights.

          About a month later, the most famous UFO incident was reported to authorities. Supposedly, an alien craft crashed on a ranch in Roswell, New Mexico. The military was contacted, and, at first reported that a flying disc had been recovered. The story changed the next day to a mistaken weather balloon. Yet, stories persisted that an actual alien craft was recovered, along with alien bodies.

          The U.S. Air Force officially began studying the phenomenon in the 1950s under Project Blue Book. The topic has grown to include, not only sightings of craft, but human abductions by aliens. The topic has spawned numerous movies, documentaries and television shows, including the History Channel’s, Ancient Aliens, which leads the pack in the latest research and speculation, including the allegation that Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton was poised to force the Defense Department to declassify its UFO documents when she became president.

Last year, Harvard University had noticed what seemed to be something, almost a cigar like shaped object, coming towards Earth. Harvard believes this was an alien spacecraft sent to observe us. The spacecraft was seen in October of 2017, and was nicknamed “Oumuamua” by Harvard. The reason this object is believed to be an alien spacecraft is because of its odd like features, but it was first thought to be a comet, before being thought to be a asteroid. Researchers at the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics raise the idea of this object being an alien spacecraft, saying it was a dark-red elongated object, about “10 times as long as it is wide,” and traveling an estimated 196,000 MPH. They believe this was an alien spacecraft based on the “excess acceleration,” or boost in speed the object made as it traveled through and out of our solar system.

Oumuamua, along with so many other Unidentified Flying Objects, seen both on Earth, and out in space have a strong possibility of being other intelligent beings. After all, the probability of us being the first planet with intelligent life is 10 to the power of 22.


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