OE High School Student Council Plans Spring Formal and Charity Week



Ovid Elsie High School Student Council is working on Charity Week, selling a lot of treats during the week and the Spring Formal dance is coming up at well.Student Council is a very fun, and eventful place and it has very hard working, caring, smart people on it. Their can be around 24 people on student council.

Their next plan is working on Charity week and they are raising money by, selling cotton candy during PJ day March 11th, Pizza on Luau Day March 12th, ice cream on Meme Day, March 13th, a bake sale during Career Day  March 14th, and leftovers on Blue & Gold Day March 15th. 

Also, they will be selling hat bands all week and pop.  What they are working on right now is the Spring Formal dance and that will be March 16tj. The next main activities Student Council will be running is the relay for life and the blood drive. Lastly, some advice form Allison Strnad for people who want to maybe join Student Council is that it helps you with time management, also helps you become a better leader, and it gets you involved with the school and you can make many friends.