Man’s Best Friend Goes to Work



A man’s best friend turned a middle school into a smiling zone. Reaper, a dog who is trained to be a therapy dog and bring smiles to peoples faces, is also trained to drug sniff. Randy Barton, the Ovid-Elsie Middle School principal, takes care of Reaper, but also takes the dog around the middle school so students can pet the dog and to bring more smiles.

While Reaper patiently sleeps in Barton’s office, waiting for the lunch bell to ring. That’s when student come into the office and pet him. He enjoys it when Barton is training with him for a reward. Reaper gets to play with the thing he loves most in the world his kong ball. Reaper is a Dutch shepherd who is only 2 ½ years old. In the summer of 2018 is when Reaper came into the Ovid Elsie Schools’ life with the help of Mr.Barton coming up with the idea the school board had to approve.

Now Reaper is living with Barton and comes to work with him every day. Reaper has helped the middle school very much with Barton saying how there is less contraband and more smiles within the middle school since the last year. Reaper brings many benefits to Ovid Elsie schools.He is still a puppy so there is so much to come from him when he grows and learns more.