Student Survey Seeks Cell Phone Usage


Keep phones off, or quit during the show. Also no flash photography.


Some complain about high school and how it should change but have no idea how, while others want action and have ideas and these are their ideas. Here is what a recent survey of student found out.  

Some students want their phones in the classroom without getting in trouble. They want it to have music to listen to because it helps them focus.  

Other students would like school lunches to taste better. Right now they are going hungry all day because they do not like what is offered. As a result of not eating, they say they cannot focus in school, affecting their grades.

Students also said they would also like to be able to go outside and eat lunch on nice days since they don’t soak up any vitamin D throughout the school day and that would not only it help get energy out but also vitamin D would help brighten their mood. Now these things do not really help you in the future but they do help for school now. Some students and teachers thought it would be a good idea to have a home economics class so students learn to cook and do other things you need to know how to do in the future to live independently, pay taxes, and be a productive member in our society.

Students also thought that a study hall hour would be great because they are very busy. Some have work and others have sports and after they’re done they don’t have enough time to study. If they could study at school during a study hour, they would have less stress and they would be able to do well on tests.

Students thought they should go outside and do something to help the environment too, whether it’s picking up trash or planting new trees because doing a little at a time can go a long way.

To help our society, students thought we should have a presentation at the beginning of the year to discourage racism because it is here even if it is unsaid. We should have things about being more accepting of others and to learn how to just be kind.