Choir Added Back into Course Choices



Ovid-Elsie High School Choir was recently added back into the school’s list of courses students can take. The choir has been back for one year, and everyone seems to be enjoying it. Mandy Bashore, the teacher for the class, has high hopes for the coming year. “I’m excited for the year ahead, and I know that everyone is going to do a great job,”

Bashore said that her favorite part of teaching choir is the students that she gets to teach and the progress that they make. She also reported that it was actually Principal JasonTokar’s idea to bring the choir back, and she was more than happy to take on the new class. Students who want to join the choir must take the class, they cannot join because they won’t be able to practice with the rest of the choir.

Jae Powell, a junior in the choir this year, said that what they are doing right now is preparing for their first performance in December. When asked about why they joined they said, “My whole life I was told I was good at singing, so when I heard they brought choir back I thought I might try it with other people,”

Jae said that the choir has a total of two performances for one year, one before Christmas and one in the spring. They said that their favorite part about choir is,”The community you end up having when you are there,” They also said that the choir will be performing four songs for the first performance. The songs include: All I Want for Christmas, Cool Yule, Mary Did you Know, and Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. 

“When we warm-up, we usually sing scales or the alphabet in different patterns,” they said. “We generally just practice in the choir room, but when we dance we use the auditorium,”

The final question they were asked was what they think about the dancing they do. “People actually like it. At first  they think it will be hard, but then they end up liking it,”

The Ovid-Elsie High School Choir is coming together greatly, and it looks like it is going to be a great year for them.