Fiesta Charra Gets High Rating



The Fiesta Charra is Mexican Restaurant located in Lansing. I like to go to the Charra Party a lot because I like to order the fajitas Texas and I also like to order the Paisa Tacos because it is really tasty. Texas fajitas cost $ 10.49 and tacos are $ 3.00 for each.

The chips were fresh and warm and both types of salsas were very good. Sometimes  It’s hard to choose a meal because the menu is loaded with many ‘’Great Things,” and sometimes I go for the lunch specials that are on the board.

Specialties include soups, salads, quesadillas, tacos, burritos, fajitas, enchiladas, vegetarian dishes, combo dishes, sandwiches, seaside fiesta, south of the border meals, deserts, and a lunch menu.

The restaurant has many very beautiful designs, all the dining rooms have a Mexican design, the bathrooms at the door have a very elegant design. Fiesta Charra is not only nice to be at, the workers are very cool because they like to talk with people.I will give this restaurant 10/10 because it’s a Mexican restaurant and obvious I’m Mexican, but like I said, it has many Mexcican favorites that are very tasty.