1970s Decade Most Students Want to Live In

1970s Decade Most Students Want to Live In


A recent survey of students at Ovid-Elsie High School found the 1970s was the decade they most admired and even wanted to live in. Of the total, more than half said the 70s was their favorite. One of the students said, “The life was way better without phones and people  had more time to spend with friends.” 

Another question for them was what made them pick that decade. The majority of them said fashion. When asked why that was their favorite thing about that decade, most replied that the clothes expressed positive energy and are less bland than today’s clothes. 

Since they like that decade so much, they were asked if  they would live there instead of now. Most of them said yes, but one said no. Rubie Sanford, a freshman who favored the 70’s, said, “There wasn’t a lot of equality in the 70’s and the women were not really respected at all.” 

Of those who wanted to live in the 1970s, the majority said they would enjoy having less stress. Katie Lorio, a freshman, said, “Life just seemed easier back them and the technology wasn’t very advanced. Everyone was actually talking and not looking at their phone 24/7.”