OE Frosh Volleyball Beats Lansing Sexton in Two Sets


The Ovid-Elsie Marauder’s Freshman Volleyball won against Lansing Sexton Big Red with great scores. Their first set was 25-15 and the Marauders took an easy victory in the second set with 25-6.

The match took place at Sexton High School on Oct. 2. The Ovid-Elsie players said that the locker room and gym needed some updating and the Sexton crowd cheered on their players while respecting the Ovid-Elsie players.

Katelyn Swender, the Marauder’s middle/front blocker, explained,” We were talking and making smart passes, and when a person made a mistake we tried to lift them up.”

The Marauders won not only because of how well they played, but also because Sexton wasn’t very challenging. Gracie Schultz, Ovid-Elsie’s outside hitter, said, “They would run into each other because they weren’t communicating well, they wouldn’t go after the ball, the serves didn’t make it over either. They were also very weak in the back row when trying to hit it back over. It was a pretty easy win.”