Day of the Dead Celebrated



In Mexico they don’t call “Halloween” in Mexico they are called “the Day of the Dead.”

In Mexico, it is celebrated on Nov. 1 and 2 because on Nov. 1 it is celebrated mainly with the elaboration of colorful altars, adorned with sugar skulls, food and offerings in honor of the deceased.

All family members or friends who are already dead, put their altars with many designs and photos of the deceased, put food, candy, coca, even put out tequila.When one person goes to sleep late, the person hear noises because the souls of the dead go to heaven very happy, as the belief goes.

Nov 2 on the Day of the Dead is celebrated with a great parade of people who are disguised as anything, zombies, skeletons, vampires, devil, ghosts. In fact, people give them dead bread and people also give them atole (what is this), to all the people who go to the parade and who are in disguise, after the parade, all the children ages  four-30 years, have to wait until 6:00 pm. Afterward, all the children and young people and adults are going to ask for calaverita. Calaverita is like saying trick or treat it’s a way that all Mexicans say for candy.