Diversity Summit: Students Commit to Social Justice


On Sept. 20 at Lansing Community College the first ever diversity and inclusion summit took place. A select number of students and staff were able to attend the summit through National Honor Society and the schools Gay Straight Alliance.

Each person in attendance was given three sessions to participate in. Many of the students from O-E attended sessions such as Mental Health, Safe Space Training, and Keeping it 100. 

“The White Washing in the Media session was amazing,” Junior Brody Bowen said, “It was very informative.” The session white washing in the media was about making people of color lighter skinned to fit a certain look or role. This session also talked about fake news and how it is detrimental to the future.

The reason LCC started the summit is to help students and staff members learn to bring people together and address and respond to the call of social justice. 

“Inclusion and inclusivity is very important,” Junior Jordan Hitchens said, “everyone should strive to make that a part of their workplace their school or anywhere people go.”