Star Trek Enterprise Sets Foundation for the Series

Star Trek Enterprise Sets Foundation for the Series


Star Trek Enterprise is the fifth in the series and the prequel to every other Star Trek series to date, but it does have one thing different that makes it very interesting and pretty cool. Most would just say that this is the early days of Earth space travel and they would be right but there is something else that sets this series apart from the rest, they are not the Federation just yet. It’s an odd thing to say as every other Star Trek has had the Federation even if it was in a small part and lets me honest half of people that hear that don’t even know what that means.

Season one was a rough start but refreshing and even had the first ever full lyrical opening with the song Faith of the Heart by Diane Warren, it was reworked a little for the show and sung by Russell Watson. This season shows the first warp engine for earth being put in the NX-01 named Enterprise. The season included the Vulcans saying that Humans were not ready and should wait another 10 years, but Captain Archer had other ideas and wanted to go. Archer even argued with them for three or more years prior to season one so they could take off on the set day given. 

Season two has them even farther in space with the Vulcans still looking over their shoulder and not respecting that humans who just want to be allies. This season shows the Vulcans slowing down the rate to how fast humans are getting their warp engine working in the past and how they don’t really want anyone else in space that can test their power and authority. The Vulcans even forced them to do many simulations that pushed them way back on schedule, and if it was not for the rashness of Archer and his friend they would still be testing. 

Season three starts with what seems like a huge war forming between the Xindi and humans after a test probe from Xindi space came and wiped out a seven- mile strip of land in Florida killing seven million people. Archer after being informed from some black figure in the future that the Xindi was sending a bigger weapon to destroy earth he along with his crew head off for that space. It’s not without its problems however, and the Vulcans try to stop them from leaving and say that its to dangerous just because the Vulcans could not make it through that part of space. Archer insists that they leave and the Vulcans let them go, T’ Pol the Vulcans science officer even lets go of her status within the Vulcan society and becomes a neutral party between both sides not being with Starfleet or the Vulcan High Council. 

Season four starts with Archer and his crew finding out that the people of Earth are xenophobic and dislike the aliens that come to Earth extending their hands in being allies. The season deals with a disease the Klingons contracted after experimenting with a human augmentation, this is fixed by getting rid of the gene but leaving the Klingons looking like humans for a century or more knowing the knowledge that the gene will soon become recessive after the next generations. 

Season four finishes up with First Officer William Riker using the Enterprise hologram program to build up the courage to tell the captain about the activities of a starship many years before that breaks the rules of the Federation treaty. This should of been its own mini story that should not of been included in season four and put instead in it’s own four point five as season five never did happen and will not.

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I loved this series and was really upset to discover that a season five would not be happening, if it would’ve continued T’ Pol and Tucker would have a child that stayed alive at the end of the season because the genetics would of worked correctly and they would have raised her in season five, but because of no new season she passed away because of incompatible genes. I however did love the series and wouldn’t

 mind watching it again in a year. I would give it a 4.5 out of 5 as a score as there could be a few things that could be fixed.