Favoritism is InEvitable


In school, work, and life favoritism is everywhere. People are so biased in life, everywhere we go. The guy who got a raise for buying the boss coffee every day. The girl who never gets detention because she’s on the basketball team.

They say life’s not fair and to be honest it never could be. When we are kids we are taught to pick a favorite toy, or food, or even friends. In a society where we teach kids to always pick what their favorite is we create a biased world, where one thing or person is above another. 

In life no one gets a fair shot, the moment someone sees you or hears you speak, they have an opinion. We choose a favorite because they agree with our opinions, even though being challenged is good at times. We like things more because of their visual appeal, though something else that’s not as pretty may work better. This is also taught to us when we are small A child gets chosen first cause they wear name brand clothes, or are treated nicer by the teachers because their parent works at the school. 

The ideal world you get what you work for and you are chosen on knowledge not opinion, or clothing. We should work on teaching the next generation that its ok to not have a best friend but to be friends with everyone. We should teach everyone that no one is above another even if someone is quiet or never knows the right answer, we must always believe that everyone is trying their hardest.