Spider Man Far From Home Poses Dark Themes


Spider-Man Far From Home (FFH) is the 23rd film and final movie in phase three of the MCU and a huge success for Spider-Man who now has been in four films that have reached a billion dollars at the box office and one that was close with 900 million. FFH starts right where Endgame left off and starts with everyone talking about the snap also known as the blip in FFH. FFH has a funny depiction of what happened during and after the events of the snap and really is the relieving movie to Endgame that everyone needed. Some of the tones in the movie were upsetting, however, but not really noticeable to someone that does not really think about it. 

FFH has a villain that is not exactly the worst, but not really the best either, but, for what was shown he did the best he could. Quentin Beck aka Mysterio, worked for Tony Stark in 2016 during Civil War but soon after was fired for being “unstable” because he called out the name B.A.R.F and how he used it. He is probably the most manipulative villain out of all the Marvel movies and does it well by being a friend and smart talker with Peter. Then, he puts all of what he learned into the projections he used and destroyed Peter from the inside. This whole movie is about manipulation and deception, leading everyone to believe that Spider-Man is a killer and then he throws in that it is Peter Parker and the movie ends. 

I loved this movie and what it leads to in the end. Peter is down but not out at the beginning because of Tony’s death, but at the end he is feeling so much better, that is, however, destroyed when his identity is given to the world and shown as a killer. It shows the ups and downs of a hero when your life is in pieces and when they are crushed even smaller.