Noodles and Company Has Many Pasta Options



I went to the restaurant Noodles and Company, 101 E. Grand River Ave.,  in East Lansing and I would give it a 9/10. The service there is good they are really nice and the food is good as well. The food comes out really fast for being a restaurant that serves pasta. When you walk in you go right up to the counter and the menu is up on the wall and then you tell the workers what you want to eat and then pay and find your seat and they bring it out to you. It is also not that expensive so don’t worry about having to pay a bunch of money, my order only came out too a total of $10.48 I ordered the penne rosa which is my favorite it is advertised as spicy and it was not wrong it has a kick to it. I also ordered a side of garlic bread which is served with a sauce to dip it in and the bread is crunchy on the outside and warm and soft in the middle. This is my favorite pasta place because they have many different options of pasta from mac and cheese too something complex like the penne rosa and they all have there own taste some are super spicy and others have no spice too them at all and it tells you on the menu if it is spicy or not by a little icon of a chilli pepper. In conclusion, this is my favorite pasta place to go too out of all of them in our area.