Icy Road Driving Tips Offered



Did you know that there are 156,164 crashes  every year from driving on icy roads?  According to Tony Arevalo an insurance agent who studies cars and the safety of other people. About 17% of all vehicle crashes happen in winter conditions and about  70% of the U.S population lives in snowy regions. Here are a few tips to help you during the next few months!

    When driving in bad weather conditions it is best to take as many precautions as possible, such as,  staying home as much as possible only go out if its necessary and when you do go out drive slow down for better traction, if you don’t have good traction on your tires you should get a new pair for winter. You could also keep a bundle of cold-weather gear in your car, with things like extra food and water, warm clothing, a flashlight, a glass scraper, blankets, medications,  and anything you might need if you get stuck on the cold roads. Also a good driving rule is to stay 3-4 seconds behind the car in front of you and to always stay alert. Remember don’t always use cruise control because cruise control makes hydroplaning worse by trying to keep your vehicle going at a constant speed and always wear a seatbelt it can save your life. Another good precaution is to plan your route ahead of time and always check the weather.  

    Also something to dig yourself out with and salt or sand for traction if you get stuck. Maybe a solar charger for your phone if you are stuck somewhere.  

Photo – Flickr.com Nic5702