Toast: Not as Popular As First Thought

Toast: Not as Popular As First Thought

Katie Lorio and Katie Lorio

A recent survey about toast found that peanut butter was the most popular spread for it.

The survey was given out to a couple classes full of freshmen and juniors and the answers we got back were surprising. One of the questions that we asked the students were, “What do you put on toast?” Most of the students said that they like peanut butter on their toast and that they also like butter and jelly on it. 

Another question that was asked to the students was, “How often do you eat toast?” Everyone that filled out a survey put that they only eat toast once in a while. Therefore toast is not as popular as other breakfast foods. 

Also, a question we asked the students was, “Have you ever had the fire alarm go off due to the toaster?” Only two people addressed the question. One person said that they have not set the fire alarm off, but one person said that they have set the fire alarm off. 

We asked, “What do you usually eat with your toast?” Most of the people said they eat eggs with their toast and some people said they eat fruit or pancakes with toast. Some people also said they just eat toast plain with nothing with it. 

Another question that was asked was, “How do you like your toast?” The answers we got back from this question were questionable, some people said they like their toast burnt and some said they like it golden brown and crispy and others said they like it barely crispy. 

The last question we asked them was, “What kind of bread do you like?” Most people answered this question with white bread but others said they like wheat bread and some even like rye bread for their toast. 

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