School Climate Survey Results Mixed



We recently conducted a school climate survey to see how students felt about attending school here. From a poll of 20 students that attend Ovid-Elsie under half of the students found that it was an enjoyable school to go to.

There was an even split between the students that enjoyed the faculty and students that did not enjoy them.

Most of the people surveyed said they pack their own lunch when asked about the lunch option at Ovid-Elsie.  

Almost everyone who took the survey stated that they felt safe while attending school.

Of all the students who were surveyed, not a single student would approve of school uniforms.

When asked if students felt they had the freedom to study the things that interested them, half of them said yes and half of them said no.

The majority of students when asked about introducing year-round school said they would transfer if it came to Ovid-Elsie.

Picture from google images