Drama Adds Two Plays in Fall Lineup


Brooke Ladiski and Brooke Ladiski

Drama has chosen their first semester play. The play is a combination of two plays called, “Virtually Ever After” and “Left to our own devices”. I asked the Choir and Drama teacher, Mandy Bashore, how she is feeling so far this semester.

“Great! and a little overwhelmed as we try to do a play with virtual elements as well as F2F students.  My students are so good though, we’ll figure it out. I’m so excited to see these amazing students shine.”

Bashore is hoping to perform the play on  November 20th and 21st as long as the technology part of the play goes well. With this year being unethical, some things have changed. Out of 33 students enrolled in the class, half of the students are online, they have been rehearsing in person and virtually. Aside from that, they are doing a lot of the same stuff.

“Being creative, working as a team, attacking challenges and embracing our inner stupid.”

I asked Bashore about her background in theater as well.

“I had an amazing drama teacher in High School who invested in me…she encouraged my love for acting and performing. She gave me opportunities and, because she did, I’ve spent a lot of my life on the stage.”

“I think my very first acting performance was in 2nd grade where I was an understudy for a spectator (which basically means I was waiting for the kid who was the rock on stage to get sick so I could take his place)  The roles have gotten much better since then.  I’ve been performing for over 40 years.”

As the performance draws nearer, the students’ and Bashore’s excitement grows.